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Our Biggest Release To Date

Checkout the video below to review our latest platform updates. Exciting changes and more in the pipelines to come!

Alex Karpman
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All-new Documents tab

You’ll notice an entirely new Documents tab, which serves as a repository for all documents in your matter (including everything in the Chronology and Master File sections). The Documents tab allows you to run searches across all documents, and introduces new workflows to add documents to your Chronology, Master File, or both!

Expanded and Custom Fields

We have greatly expanded the existing metadata fields in Everchron (including additional date, file, production, and profile fields), and also now offer the functionality to create your own custom fields. Custom Fields data can be searched via Advanced Search, and can be mapped to via Bulk Import. This gives you the flexibility to bring in as much data as you would like from your e-discovery platform.

New Matter Settings Panel

A completely re-designed Matter Settings panel, where you can invite matter members, add relevant cases for multi-district litigation, manage custom fields, and add/edit tags in our all-new tag management tool.

New Bulk Import

Our upgraded bulk import tool offers a vastly improved import workflow, including more intelligent auto-suggestion, saved mapping settings for subsequent imports, and the ability to perform metadata overlays and file replacements.

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